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Custom Polo Shirts Singapore

Sep 26

Factors to Decide before You Select a Custom Polo Shirts Singapore Supplier 


Contrary to what's believed by a lot of people, purchasing custom-made clothing isn't as easy as purchasing clothes from NTUC. When you buy Polo tees with your company's logo on the front, you'd like the final product to appear exactly as you've imagined them to look rather than an ordinary t-shirt at $4 and then put a picture on it. If you've looked around, there are a lot of printing supplier for Custom Polo Shirts Singapore online. They all provide different benefits in terms of services, quality and quality. It isn't advisable to choose the first custom apparel company you find and definitely should not pick the one with the lowest price. Locating a printing company that makes polo shirts consistently top-quality clothes isn't as easy as seems. There are a myriad of printing companies that print polo shirts what can you do to secure your purchase and ensure that you're receiving exactly what you want?

You can reduce the possibility of failure by becoming aware of what qualities to look for in a custom-made clothing supplier.

The power of knowledge is in the mind. If you are aware of the signs that are positive, choosing the right printing firm for your custom polo shirts singapore will be simple. We'll make sure of that.


The following are the eight factors to take into consideration when choosing a print business for a custom polo shirt singapore:

1. The pricing structure

Of course, picking the most cost-effective option is not the best choice. You might think that saving a few dollars is worth it , however, in the event that it is at the expense of Polo shirt's high-end quality, you'll regret your decision.

If you're on a budget we can know. In this instance it's certainly worth it to learn information about prices plans offered by the clothing manufacturers you're considering.

For instance, elements like:

Cost per shirt

This is the method that you'll employ to figure out the cost of custom polo shirts provided by a company are fair. When you're evaluating the price per shirt, it is crucial to think about the quantity of polo shirts you are purchasing. The price per polo shirt printing is a crucial factor to be considered , particularly if you're buying in bulk.

Price breaks

A lot of custom apparel companies (including ours) give discounts when you buy more T-shirts.

Minimum order requirements

Certain printing companies for custom polo shirts singapore need a minimum order, and certain ones do not. This is something you should be aware of before making an order.

Printing method

In general, direct-to garment (DTG) printing process is the most affordable option for small quantities of T-shirts. If you are ordering large quantities, screening is the most economical option.

The most important thing to remember is that you must know the polo tee printing company's pricing policy prior to placing your order. This will help you avoid any unanticipated costs once you are in the process of paying for your order.

2. The printing methods offered

There are numerous printing firms that print poloshirts. However, not all are made equally. In reality, certain printing companies offer only an option to print, whereas others offer a variety different printing choices.

Screen printing and DTG can be described as two popular printing techniques for Polo T-shirts. DTG is the most suitable choice for images which are photorealistic, while screen printing is more appropriate for more simple designs.

At Aquaholic Gifts we offer screen printing because it creates high-quality, durable prints. Furthermore, it's cost-effective for large-scale orders, as we've previously mentioned.

3. It's the durability and quality of the final product

It is probably the most crucial aspect to think about when choosing a polo shirt printing service. At the end of the day you'd like your polo shirt to look gorgeous isn't it?

There are numerous elements that determine what kind of quality is displayed in a printing company's T-shirts end product. However, here are a few of the most notable examples:

The fabric's superiority

Did you know that the majority of custom-made clothing nightmares begin with badly made clothing? (JK we've used that to justify the numbers, but truly low-cost clothes aren't the best news.)

The most important thing is to verify authenticity of T-shirts that you purchase prior to making the purchase. The best printed polo shirt should be constructed of premium quality material that is comfortable to touch. It should also have an easy-to-wear style and stay faithful to size.

Here's a suggestion: Purchase sample t-shirts from the print firm for the polo t-shirt you're considering using to check how they make their products before placing an order in bulk.

The quality of the print

In addition to the garment high-end, ensure that the supplier of your custom-made clothing can produce amazing prints. The ink needs to be evenly distributed and there shouldn't be any holes within the design. The process of printing on the Polo Tee is an art and it is recommended to choose an organization that has a an established track record of producing outstanding work.

The expertise and experience of the team

This is an important element to be considered when choosing an company to print polo tees. It is important to select a company that has staff of experts who are passionate with their jobs. You don't want to join forces with a team that don't feel any joy into their work. You are convinced that your work merits all the praise it can get do you?

4. The pattern for your clothing along with the fabrics and the inks will be available for you to access

Polo Tees don't come in one size that is suitable for every. (And this isn't talking about sizes that fit shirts either.) Garment patterns are designs that cut the t-shirts in. They may differ based on the brand or the design of the polo tee.

For example, a male's Polo shirt pattern will differ from a women's Polo shirt pattern. A long-sleeved polo design will be different from one with short sleeves.

The printing company that prints the Polo tees you choose should offer a variety of designs for your clothes to ensure that you get the perfect one that will meet your needs.

Alongside the design of the fabric the polo tee as well as inks make a significant contribution towards the general quality.

A scratchy, rough fabric isn't a good idea. Inks that aren't as good can make your Polo shirt appear unflat.

The printing company that prints the Polo shirts you select must make use of top quality products and colors. This will ensure that your polo shirts are comfy and appear stunning after washing.

In addition, your partner in apparel must also be able to offer their expertise in helping you select the appropriate fabrics and inks for your specific project.

For instance , discharge inks can be the best choice for anyone looking for an old-fashioned style polo tee. Water-based inks are the ideal choice if you're seeking the most natural and comfortable feel.

5. The experience you get from the customer support team

We've previously stated this We'll reiterate this once more:

Vibes don't lie.

Your colleagues with should be the source of joy for you.

The response to emails should be prompt as well as concise and effective.

It's not a great notion to feel as if you're being ignored or that your questions aren't getting answered.

You can judge the worthiness of a company by the level of customer service team. If customer service isn't up to par then it's time to search for the one you love (meaning print services to Polo T-shirts) at a different place.

Our customer service personnel is friendly and professional. They also have experience. (Talk to them about an all-in-one bundle!)

With us by your side, there's no have to consider every aspect. We'll assist you with any concerns regarding every phase of the process starting from the initial stage of production through delivery.

Contact us through our team.

6. Turnaround lead time

Have a tight deadline? Be sure to ask about the turnaround times. Printing companies like Poloshirts usually offer different times for turnarounds on various T-shirt designs.

Contact the custom polo shirts singapore firm how long they need to complete your order. Make sure you inquire about their rush options if you need your Polo shirts quickly.

At Aquaholic our service times vary for every service. But, we'll admit it: should we have to face The Flash in a production race, we'd make an bet that our team would take the victory.

7. Shipping logistics

Mama always would always say, "It's not just about the destination, it's also about your journey."

For printing companies printing polo shirts it's true.

You're trying to find an organization that will ensure that the shipping process is as easy as feasible. Let's take a look at the most crucial aspects of shipping:


Some polo shirt printing companies charge extra for shipping. We're in favor of it, however personally, we would not think of it.

The moral of this story is: Do not fall victimized by the nickel and dime offered by the printing firm for your collarshirt. Find a printing service which offers free shipping.


If the shirts with collars you ordered were delivered, you will receive a tracking number to be sure that you're capable of keeping the track of their location. This will give you security and will help organize your trip ahead of time.


Don't allow your purchase to be damaged due to a package accident. Your clothing should arrive safely and in excellent state.

Choose a company for custom-made garments such as the printed polo tee who will be able to package your collar shirt in a thoughtful way.

At Aquaholic we fold and pack every order, making sure the items are ready for retail, and also protected from the elements.

8. A procedure for placing an order that is designed to ensure your satisfaction and security.

Organization is the biggest hurdle in achieving.

We've created a unique system that speed the process of ordering, and ensures that you'll be happy.

We offer an Brand Building Process (BBP) is designed to help bring your personal vision of clothing into reality. We limit the risk of errors by performing an exhaustive pre-production review, so you know what exactly you'll get when your order is placed.

It's even better if know the exact date when you'll receive your purchase. It's time to put an end to backorders, delays , or broken promises. Your clothes will arrive on time each time.

It's possible to say BBP is BBP is now our BFF. BBP is your brand-new BFF.

Send us your project details and request a quotation. Review your designs in preparation for production, and break the bottle as we handle the remainder.

Our expert in custom clothing is eager to get started on your concept.

If you're looking to work with a company that's equally excited about your personalized apparel purchase like Polo t-shirts printing just like you would be, then we're the perfect group for you.

Let's get this project moving.