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The Market For Second-Hand Lab Grown Diamonds

Sep 19

As Lab grown diamonds are still new to the market and jewellers don’t have the market knowledge on what to pay for them, it can be difficult to sell second-hand Laboratory Grown Diamonds through traditional outlets. At Adamastar we are prepared to purchase any second-hand lab grown diamond with similar provisos as would be in the case of an earth mined purchase. The price offered for the purchase of a lab created diamond would be at a similar discount to what they would receive if selling a second-hand mined diamond. Naturally the diamond would have to be in good condition and  not damaged or chipped. We would also insist that the original laser inscribed number is still visible on the girdle as an identification. It is worth noting that both grown & mined diamonds do not increase in value over time, relative to inflation, and should not be considered an investment. Adamastar Diamonds suggests that you view your lab diamond purchase as a luxury, discretionary purchase, not an investment. You should never expect to be able to sell your diamond for more or the same of what you originally paid for it at retail, whether natural or lab grown, relative to inflation. This is because retailers who buy your diamond from you must be able to re-sell that stone for a profit.

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