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What Are Type 1a and Type 2a Diamonds

Sep 17

Diamonds are arranged in different groups, a bit like blood types, they are still diamonds, but have slight differences depending on other impurities present such as nitrogen (which gives a diamond a yellow tint) or boron (which gives a diamond a blue colour). These impurities, or lack of, create different types such as Type 1a, or Type 2a. The purest diamonds, without any other impurities are Type 2a. We can’t tell the difference between an earth mined diamond or a lab grown as they are the same, but we can differentiate between the different types of diamonds. The way we test to see if a diamond is earth mined or lab grown, is by detecting which ‘type’ of diamond it is. If we can identify it is a Type2a, we can virtually guarantee it is a lab grown, as only 2% of all earth mined are Type 2a, and Type 2a earth mined, never make it to market, (they are too valuable and sought after), usually claimed by celebrities and those in the ‘know’. Being electrically conductive, lab grown diamonds are perfect for the 21st century electronic industry, and the high thermal conductivity is perfect for dissipating heat in electrical components.

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